TCO Study: Dell EMC VxRail vs. DIYHCI Using vSAN ReadyNodes Configuration - Download White Paper (PDF)

TCO Study: Dell EMC VxRail vs. DIYHCI Using vSAN ReadyNodes Configuration

When operating a business, it is important to assess all company assets of the total cost of ownership. When assessing these costs, the company must take into consideration the total cost over a period of a few years and not just the up-front costs. When taking these factors into consideration, Dell EMC VxRail appliances cost 30% less than other solutions.

The results of a three-year period show that Dell EMC VxRail applications not only cost less than other solutions, they also have lower serviceability costs. While this solution may be more expensive up front, the operational costs and maintenance costs are significantly lower than other options over time. Dell EMC VxRail applications also have no software licensing costs which add to the greater expense of other solutions.

Dell EMC VxRail hardware may cost more for a company initially but the higher software and operational expenses for other configurations does more than offset these higher initial costs. Dell EMC VxRail appliances offer many benefits for businesses and those benefits can all be found in this whitepaper.

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