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Taming the Beast - Optimizing Oracle EBS for Radical Efficiency

Companies use different applications within the scope of their business to facilitate smooth operations. One of the most popular suites of applications is Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) which has over 100 applications available. Setting up EBS is crucial upon initial launch because as the business grows, bottlenecks and slowdowns can easily form if things aren’t set up properly.

This is where you need an expert’s help to step in and make things right. Datavail’s expert EBS team has many years of experience in streamlining EBS setups. Datavail uses its 5S System to ensure the efficient running of EBS company-wide to keep things running smoothly. The five S’s stand for Scheduled Process, Space/Indexing, Sessions, Statistics, and SQL Code.

Datavail uses Application Optimization for performance tuning of the suite to remove slowdowns and bottlenecks. They also monitor your hardware and ensure that your resources can handle server load and the amount of data being used. This is key to business looking to expand and scale their operations on a larger scale.