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Machine learning (ML) is no longer just a buzzword. It has become an essential tool for organizations across industries and categories to drive innovation and create new solutions. The unique potential and power of ML are sparking significant innovation, powering the ideas that are improving lives and protecting our planet. With ML, organizations are making significant progress toward addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, disease outbreaks, and homelessness.

As a leading provider of cloud services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been a critical player in enabling ML innovation. Over a hundred thousand organizations worldwide have turned to AWS for ML solutions to achieve their business goals and tackle their toughest challenges.

However, with ML being a relatively new technology for many organizations, access to it can come with a skills and technology deficit. To bridge this gap, AWS partners with innovators to bring pioneering solutions that can help organizations tackle their most urgent and important challenges. AWS offers a broad range of ML tools, services, and solutions that are designed to help organizations of all sizes and levels of experience get started with ML quickly and easily. AWS offers pre-built ML services that make it easy to incorporate ML into applications without needing prior ML expertise. For organizations that require a more customized solution, AWS provides tools and resources that enable data scientists and developers to build and train custom ML models.

With AWS, organizations can develop ML models that can extract insights from large data sets and help optimize business processes, leading to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased revenue. As ML continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, organizations can expect it to play an increasingly critical role in their operations. AWS will continue to be at the forefront of this transformation, providing organizations with the tools and expertise they need to unlock the full potential of ML and drive innovation that makes a difference.