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Why Supply Chain Leaders are moving to the cloud
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Customer centricity, operational efficiency, and compliance all help to determine your company’s overall success. It also is a result of good supply chain management. Good supply chain functioning can improve customer service and boost brand reputation but the rules to the supply chain game are changing. New regulations, demand fluctuations, and diverse customer expectations are testing the traditional way in which supply chains work.

Innovators in the supply chain field have identified shortfalls in legacy systems and are looking to migrate to a modern and flexible cloud-based system. The large investment needed at the start to implement a solution that is more agile, complete, secure, and safe to deploy may seem over the top. However, once such a system is in place, it can be the difference between inefficiency and productivity.

Cloud computing provides an array of benefits. At the top of the list are faster deployment, ease of use, and subscription-based pricing. Here are six traits of modern, flexible and end-to-end cloud-based system that compels supply chain leaders to move quickly to the cloud:

  1. Modern systems are extremely scalable and agile which makes it easier to ramp up and ramp down.
  2. Since supply chain management in the cloud is all about speed and deployment, it allows for the outsourcing of functions like management, maintenance, and upgrades. This makes it easy for supply chain personnel to implement the solution.
  3. Cloud-based supply chain systems are seamlessly integrated with other systems to bring about operational connectivity.
  4. Cloud-based systems have multiple financial models which make low upfront investments and subscription-based pricing key drivers.
  5. Since supply chain data is critical, security is another concern. Cloud-based systems come with built-in security features like data encryption and virus scanning and protection to ensure no data breach occurs.
  6. A key benefit of cloud solutions is flexibility when it comes to migration from legacy systems. The deployments are easy and can be done in phases to get the best out of the system and ensure users are not affected by their day-to-day operations.

Logistics managers today are never short on challenges. Making the move to the cloud will give you the visibility you need to manage your supply chain system well, ensure compliance, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

To find out more about the benefits of cloud-based supply chain solutions, click the link below for more information.