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How to Stay Relevant as a CIO
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Today, around 50% of CIOs have indicated that they are treated as partner CIOs by the colleagues. With enterprises growing into the digital landscape, the role of a CIO will be more of a trusted ally —- One who is responsible for making or helping to make important strategic decisions.

More than simply performing in a transactional role, CIOs must perform in strategic business-oriented roles by being more proactive and demonstrating themselves to be reliable and trusted partners.

CIOs must build strong associations with other C-level executives to increase their influence as a leader. This includes mastering their personal leadership style, investing time and attention on building triad relationships with colleagues, and identifying technology-savvy resources around them.

How can you become a trusted ally?

Well, there are few characteristics of a C-level executive that can help you become a trusted CIO:

#1 CIOs must wear multiple hats, carry multiple responsibilities, and play several roles which include taking ownership of functional as well as corporate initiatives.

#2 CIOs must focus on a holistic perspective and not just focus on their own departmental functions. This is the difference that C-level executives bring to the table to help make decisions keeping in mind the overall organization.

#3 CIOs should always think from the organization’s point of view. This is done by asking relevant “why” questions. Successful CIOs consider the end-to-end processes, value chains, interactions and relationships.

#4 Effective CIOs build strong relationships with peers and understand the perspectives of other executives.

#5 CIOs must be good facilitators, enablers, and avoid becoming barriers to organizational growth.

To become relevant as a CIO, take steps to understand what it means to be a successful C-level leader, ask for 360-degree feedback, and continuously measure yourself against the standard.

To find out what it means to be an effective C-level leader and what it means to be a trusted ally, click the link below for more information.