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State of the Internet Security

Cyber attacks have been a constant thorn in the side to every IT professional since the dawn of the internet age. As technology has progressed within IT departments to bolster their defenses, the technology has also progressed within the hacking community with many new and dangerous tools being used in attacks in the last couple of years.

Packet floods, large-scale DDoS attacks, bots, and browser impersonations are just a small sample of what the new-age hackers are using these days. With such a changing landscape and weapons being produced by both sides in this “war,” it is a war that’s ever-present and dynamic in its scope.

Utilizing a constantly changing toolkit to combat these new threats is paramount. IT departments should always have the latest updates and the latest news on new threats to their networks. With no compromises and staying ahead of the curve, the latest cyber threats can be kept at bay.