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Why SQL Servers Thrives on Dell EMC XC Series and Nutanix

Any business can have critical levels of workloads, including OLTP, CRM, ERP, Opex and various other tasks that are very heavy on SQL servers. Therefore, a company’s choice of an SQL server becomes very important to almost all of its operations. Businesses require a platform that can efficiently:

  • Handle large amounts of data
  • Ensure security
  • Add capacity as needed
  • Economize on data center space
  • Shorten deployment time
  • Simplify data management through automation

As companies try to improve their servers and expand, they are faced with the challenge of lowering costs as well as extracting analytical insights from rapidly growing quantities of data.

All organizational functions today are highly data-driven. Therefore, it becomes important to ensure that an incapacitated server does not incapacitate employees and the overall organizational operations.

This whitepaper will help you understand why SQL servers thrive on Dell EMC XC Series and Nutanix.