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Why Small-to-Midsize Businesses Should Look to the Cloud for Simplicity and Success
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In a world that is always on, constantly changing, and wirelessly connected, the need for 24/7 support and service across time zones and geographic boundaries is vital. An omnichannel experience which allows companies to meet customers at multiple touchpoints is critical to successful customer engagement. For small-to-midsize businesses (or SMBs) to walk through such a door, they must possess the key of integration.

Business leaders know that customers can easily switch loyalties to brands and services in just one click. They also know that potential customers want to cater to where they are — not leaving them to endure the headache of getting someone or finding something outside of their comfort zone. To that end, while larger companies have the staff to act as if they know each company, small to midsize companies must turn data analytics to their advantage and deliver a customizable experience with authenticity and trust building.

To get to a level of superb customer service, many small-to-midsize companies are looking to the cloud as a major solution. Deploying a cloud-based contact center gives SMBs four major benefits:

#1 Automation [A faster path to defining customer needs and delivering on expectations]

#2 Data collection [A simplified process of collecting, organizing, maintaining, and securing customer information]

#3 Analytics [Get a complete view of all customers on any channel in an individualized way, making it easier to see who is doing what, where, when, and how]

#4 Personal connection [Never lose the personalized touch that made you popular with customers in the first place]

A recent survey shows that out of nearly 2000 IT decision makers, 36% have made the move to the cloud for enhanced customer experience and within three years, 50% expect to make the big jump.