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Security Staffing Processes and Technologies for Mature Companies

Business networks are constantly in a state of change with large amounts of data going back and forth.  Hackers also are in a constant flux state, creating new ways to disrupt and hack into company networks.  New viruses and trojans are created every single day, so the threat to network security is always there and always changing.

Changing your defense to a “mature” defense takes thought and planning to achieve.  Planning starts with implementing staff to help in defense, not just an IT staff member, but someone who just focuses on defense.  As needs grow, so does the defense staff and specialized defense staff can be brought on.  A special executive (CISO) or someone in the same capacity could oversee the department and lead all decision-making in the defense staff.

The days of having just one guy to have oversight over the entire defense network and still fix mundane problems at the user level are long over.  For a company to evolve to a mature organization, these defense changes should be considered for implementation.