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Security Considerations for the IoT Market
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We live in a very integrated world.

At any given time, our refrigerators, dishwashers, heating and air, garages and doors can all be connected to our smartphones. We can dry a load of clothes and heat or cool our homes or offices even when we are nowhere around.

Today, machines talk to machines and machines talk to humans. With all these gadgets at our fingertips, a very important question comes to mind: How secure is all this technology?

The number of connected devices have almost outnumbered humans. Thus, it is appropriately called the era of the Internet of Things. The potential of this technology ranges from improving customer experiences, moving goods and services more efficiently, and helping businesses capture data.

Just like any other technology though, security is a major concern. Here are 3 ideas to consider in the age of the Internet of Things:

· The upcoming wave of connected products will be something quite ominous for people to imagine. It is a wave that is expecting to see a compound annual growth rate of 23% in the IoT segment.

· Connected devices are being produced much faster than architecture and security can get up to speed.

· The majority of these devices are built without having security in mind.

So, where do we start to ensure that the right security is put in place? Here are a few factors to consider:

#1 Start from your home. Set up security protocols for your smart refrigerator, coffee maker or home security systems.

#2 Extrapolate this level of security to the city by securing things such as traffic signals and electricity grids.

#3 Secure the industrial hub. Most cyber-attacks take place at the industrial level — 33% to be precise, according to Kaspersky Lab.

These three factors will help you to understand the gamut of work that needs to be done to ensure your IoT environment operates successfully and securely.

If you want to know more about security in the growing Internet of Things market, click the link below for more information.