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This whitepaper explains how Splunk can increase the effectiveness of security programs, enables compliance programs and processes outside of the narrow applications of CIP-005 and CIP-007, and is an effective tool for IT, OT, and business operations.

Also, covered Operations Beyond Compliance: how the Splunk platform can be utilized to power operations and shared enterprise problems, including the duplication of labor to document processes rather than building the required documentation out of the workflows that get the job done.


Furthermore, this whitepaper contains the BES cyber system information practices. The broadening tools and workflows for CIP low impact have been discussed in this whitepaper as well.

Finally, are you aware of the significance of integrating IT and OT workflows? Since security is an essential starting point, big organizations employ Splunk for their enterprise operations, from software development and testing to troubleshooting to engineering operations and customer data analysis, and so can utilities.

By downloading this whitepaper, you can understand how expanding Splunk’s capability gives your teams the intelligence and automation to respond to daily tasks and troubleshooting while providing managers and compliance analysts access to the same sources without creating additional reporting solely for compliance.