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A Secure Alternative to Shadow IT
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What is Shadow IT?

It may sound like a risky model, but shadow IT is a term that is quite often used to describe information-technology systems that are built and used within an organization without prior organizational approval.

It sounds like a quick fix, but it is a risky proposition. So, how can this risk be eliminated?

According to a report by Enterprise Strategy Group, “70% of organizations suspect their employees are using personal online file sharing accounts without formal IT approval.”

If you are part of this 70%, here are some ways in which you can aim to eliminate Shadow IT by implementing secure solutions:

#1 Organizations must identify where the risks are coming from. A function can be created through which complete insights into who is accessing what data and who is sharing files outside the organization can be captured and analyzed.

#2 Companies should invest heavily in cybersecurity to tackle the wide range of threats that now exist and that can put the organization’s security at risk and jeopardize customer and employee data.

#3 Because there is constant pressure to provide ease of access to employees and give them flexibility, organizations must work in tandem with Shadow IT to create a seamless experience.

#4 Companies must add additional security measures such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Information Rights Management (IRM) to combat inherent problems in shadow IT.

#5 Instead of being reactive, companies must learn to be proactive when it comes to data security. Therefore, it is critically important to set up security standards and policies that ensure the prevention of any data breach.

With the threats and risks of cyber-security so widespread, the pressure is on IT companies to invest in security technology.

To get a complete guide to understanding what measures can be taken to handle shadow IT, click the link below for more information.