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SD-WAN A Simplified Network for Distributed Enterprises

Over the last 10 years, two major technology trends have converged and are having a significant effect on corporate networks: virtual computing and the rise of cloud technology. Both of these trends dramatically increase the importance of the corporate network on business performance.

These two new technologies also significantly increase network traffic, which is distributed throughout organizations and across internal departments. Therefore, they expect immediate access to cloud-based applications, Software as a Service (SaaS), and remote storage apps.

These apps help by:

  • Providing a uniform experience
  • Optimizing traffic for cloud and mobility
  • Providing more visibility to network managers
  • Integrating security into the network
  • Rapidly providing applications

To receive all of these benefits, you need a network that will help to support the distributed traffic throughout your enterprise. This whitepaper on SD-WAN will help users stay connected to the data center, the cloud, their applications, and each other.