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SD-WAN Momentum Builds as Early Adopters Experience Tangible Benefits

Early SD-Wan adopters can experience tangible benefits across key areas like sustained ROI and value creation. SD-WAN has arisen as the WAN’s response to the migration of enterprise apps in the cloud.

As this migration gathers momentum, many companies indicate that they are likely to deploy an SD-WAN solution within the next few years. It has also been noted that cloud usage in all its forms within enterprises continues to rise, with many companies indicating that they’re planning to use the cloud for their enterprise application very soon.

As the importance of cloud usage as a driver of WAN technology grows, the security requirements related to web and internet applications and the complexity associated with interconnecting multiple transport types are the top two WAN challenges enterprises face. Many companies agree that the optimization of WAN bandwidth and consistent application security are the top two motivations of early SD-WAN deployment.

Cisco, a leading computer application company, plays an important role in the SD-WAN market and can even help you with your SD-WAN efforts. Download this informative whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of SD-WAN and how Cisco can help you achieve these benefits.