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What Is Scale-out Data Protection
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The year of 2017 revealed several new dangers that are associated with storing data in cloud devices.

Thanks to AI, machine learning, and big data applications, the amount of data a company acquires is steadily increasing. Therefore, companies are being forced to save data on cloud platforms. Despite the fact that cloud services are considered secure, many big companies saw their data hacked in 2017.

In light of this, companies now need a data protection solution. Such a solution comes in the form of scale-out data protection.

Scale-out data protection is a storage system that uses a scaling methodology to create a dynamic storage environment to support balanced data growth on an as-needed basis. Scale-out storage architecture uses a number of storage nodes that are configured to create a storage pool or are configured to increase computing power to exceed a traditional storage array.

Using scale-out storage, the approach is to add storage nodes that work in tandem as you require additional storage resources. The scale-out architecture is designed to scale both capacity and performance.

Scale-out data protection has several benefits, including:

• Eliminate complexity with simplicity and ease of use

• Deliver greater flexibility with cloud-like services

• Increase availability and resiliency

• Minimize operating expenditures with automation and self-service

• Optimize capital expenditures by utilizing x86 technology

If you want to know more about scale-out data protection, click the link below for additional information.