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rise of smart city

The entire world is going through a phase of digital transformation. All aspects of life are changing tremendously. One such part of life that is undergoing a major revolution is the automotive sector. Electric vehicles are becoming part of the mainstream global vehicle market.

However, cities need a viable adoption model to adapt to this new change in an otherwise traditional aspect of life.

The most vital aspect for easy adoption is an infrastructural upgrade. Cities must create a smart framework where hardware and software foundations are strong and flexible. Electric energy should readily be available to make the use of EV vehicles accessible.

After creating sufficient supply based on the demand for electricity, setting up charging stations is the next big step. Just like gas stations, charging stations must be strategically positioned in a city to make sure there is a balanced spread of resources. Planning authorities also must ensure that remote areas are incorporated into these plans. There is also a key need for stable bandwidth and 5G infrastructure.

Apart from infrastructural changes, government regulations can also help to create an acceptable environment for EVs. Many countries have seen incentive-based regulations to promote the adoption of such automotive technology. Governments can also declare subsidies on purchases of such vehicles to decrease their carbon footprint.

Electric vehicles offer a great alternative for a sustainable commute. It has been proven that electric vehicles such as trains, subways and other public transport methods can make a city eco-friendly. If private commutes could incorporate such a model, the environment could see great benefits.

As the world moves forward in the EV revolution, it is imperative to create a strategic roadmap for global adoption. This can help provide a holistic approach to states and communities that are yet to begin their journey toward this change and create a more seamless and efficient system.