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Rethinking the Way We Manage Enterprise Data

As enterprises grow, so does their data volume. This data is stored across various servers and systems, and even on the cloud. However, with growing data, an increasing number of executives have come to realize that they need a better and more efficient approach to data management, that helps reduce costs and ensures data availability at the right place and the right time.

According to a McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report, the amount of bandwidth crossing regional borders has grown 45 times since 2005 and is expected to increase another nine times in the next five years. “Flows of information, searches, communication, video, transactions, and intra-company traffic continue to surge,” the report says.

As a result, enterprises are battling data flow as well as internal data, such as developer files, spreadsheets, images, audio and video files, and text documents. This poses a massive problem – both in terms of data storage as well as data application. This whitepaper will discuss how such volumes of data can be managed better.