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Monitoring Vendors Consider Mining for Intelligence Across Customer Bases

While many business process management (BPM) organizations are already mining for user data to discover best practices and patterns, others are just beginning to leverage this enormous resource.

Data analysis across a range of customer demographics for leverageable user information is a capability that is still emerging. The information that will be derived from these developing tools will shine new light on the differences between vendors that offer SaaS deployment services and those that do not. While some vendors are actively taking advantage of this opportunity, others are standing on the sidelines, leery of latent user privacy entanglements.

The potential of machine learning algorithms has been a hot topic for at least the last five years. Current methods of customer data collection are mostly anonymous and do not identify individual customers. However, as more potential benefits are becoming rapidly recognized and embraced, new use cases are quickly opening new areas of opportunity and competition.

While the importance of privacy concerns is not to be denied, there are many potential solutions to be explored. What is even more threatening than the problem of privacy is the loss of competitiveness that companies will face if they do not move on these emerging data analysis opportunities now. Privacy protection solutions must be built as rapidly as possible, while any development delays should be avoided.

Exemplifying one important emerging capability, the startup, Epsagon, which targets serverless monitoring, is developing the ability to make recommendations to individual customers on application architecture based on its uniquely unfettered data acquisition model. This, like many other new capabilities, is going to open a whole new path to discover best practices which will allow organizations to obtain new peaks in application performance and to achieve quicker incident-response times.

While many are jumping to embrace these changes, there is a significant cross-section of established organizations that are still wary of potential pitfalls. These organizations should be the focus of an intensive outreach campaign designed to communicate the effectiveness of possible solutions to their privacy concerns.

This whitepaper produced by 451 Research will offer some evaluation to robust and actionable privacy solution concepts that can be presented in the short term, rapidly developed, and deployed.