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Remote Access Security Challenges and Opportunities

In the world of business and employment, it is an ever-changing landscape with new trends happening all the time. The latest trend in the last few years is employee remote access to the network. More and more employees are working from home due to the technological advancements in internet speeds and video chat.

With these advents, an employee can chat with other co-workers “face to face” over a webcam. Office higher-ups can conduct “virtual” meetings by having a multi-cam chat with other employees hooked up to the network via their home computers. This ease-of-use comes at a price however as the most popular way to achieve this aim is with VPN tools. This comes at a huge detriment to the company network as VPN has the most vulnerability to outside hackers, security breaches, and unwanted viruses and threats.

IT departments with a multitude of remote access employees should change their VPN-based networks towards a constant and always-on defense mechanism against breaches and threats. Businesses can achieve this by utilizing different tools and cloud-based applications to strengthen their security to an unbreakable shield against the threat of unwanted access.