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How to Reduce the Costs of Your Next ADC Refresh

Every decision business leaders make must be the wisest decision possible at that time. To do this, company leaders must know how the different parts of a digital and technology strategy will impact the business economically.

In the Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) market, business decisions can impact positively or negatively into millions of dollars of savings or losses due to its nature of constant innovation. ADCs are always evolving and diversifying to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of the digital workplace.

This whitepaper will reveal the different strategies your company can take to address short-term needs or scale up over time its ADCs, as well as what is the most flexible, adaptable and “software first” strategy to use.

You will also learn what strategy will guide you to a positive return on investment up to 88% and a payback period of only 9 months, or give you benefits up to $1.88 million in present value.