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In this white paper report, we present a detailed analysis of the challenges you will face as a modern application developer and the capabilities and strategies that leading organizations are following, such as Artificial Intelligence-driven analysis, optimizing their applications. We have also delved into the steps that your business can take to modernize Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and make it ready for the applications of today and the future.

This white paper is a must-download for those curious about how leading companies are transforming their APM capabilities. We have provided answers to questions such as: What kind of APM solution are leaders identifying and deploying? How is AI-driven intelligent monitoring increasing application performance and reliability?


Furthermore, this paper will help you take advantage of APM with robust real-time streaming, full-fidelity data ingestion, open-source instrumentation, and deep AI-driven data analytics. We have compared different organizations to competitors who aren’t leveraging APM with streaming analytics and AI capabilities.

More importantly, the white paper has identified what your application developers, IT Ops, and DevOps teams must do to join these leaders and bring your APM capabilities into the modern age. This material is the result of primary research carried out by Aberdeen to help you leverage AI for increased insight into the rising amount of data, gain increased capabilities, and see significant benefits. Download this whitepaper to learn more.