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Threat Protection

In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, protecting your business against cybercrime is more important than ever. One approach to simplify and strengthen your cybersecurity is through integrated threat protection. In this e-book, “3 Reasons to Shift to Integrated Threat Protection,” you’ll learn how integrating extended detection and response (XDR) and a cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) system can provide increased protection, visibility, and cost savings.

The first reason to shift to integrated threat protection is to consolidate individual security tools for increased protection and visibility. With multiple security tools in place, it can be challenging to gain a unified view of your security posture. Integrating XDR and SIEM solutions simplifies your security infrastructure, allowing you to detect threats across your entire IT environment and respond to them quickly and effectively.

The second reason to shift to integrated threat protection is to enable your security center employees to discover critical threats faster. By integrating XDR and SIEM, your security analysts have access to all security data in one place, reducing time spent switching between tools and increasing the speed of threat detection and response.

Finally, you can use AI and automation to become more proactive against attacks. Integrated threat protection allows you to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify threats that may have gone undetected by traditional security tools. With automated threat response capabilities, you can quickly and proactively defend against threats before they can cause damage.

By shifting to integrated threat protection, you empower your employees to create and innovate confidently without the fear of cyber threats. With increased protection, visibility, and cost savings, integrating XDR and SIEM solutions is a smart investment in your business’s security posture.