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Reasons to Choose a Commerce Cloud Option
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Hi! My name is Brett and I’ve been an IT professional for many years. As more and more organizations switch to a commerce cloud solution, some wonder why they should choose this option for themselves.

If you’re wondering why your organization should adopt a commerce cloud solution, here are a few reasons more and more executives are switching to the cloud.

Reason 1) A Private Cloud Tailored to You

A private commerce cloud solution offers the low cost and quick time-to-market of the cloud, combined with flexibility and customization. Unlike average public cloud solutions, commerce cloud provides you with the full capability to customize, extend, and integrate as needed to meet your unique business requirements and give you an advantage over your competition.

Reason 2) Groundbreaking Innovation

A commerce cloud solution offers a full set of Omni-channel commerce capabilities including product content management, web content and customer experience management, merchandising tools, and a native integration to other cloud solutions, A commerce cloud solution enables you to deliver unique customer experiences on all touchpoints, letting your customers choose to order online and pick up in-store, or order in the physical store and request home delivery.

Reason 3) Easy Integration

Another reason to choose a commerce cloud solution is that it provides tools that accelerate data integration and validation, allowing you to create experience-driven commerce strategies with accurate and consistent data at the core. Most importantly, commerce cloud integration tools scale independently from the commerce platform, meaning integration does not degrade the performance of your commerce system.

Reason 4) Proven Availability and Support for Global Growth

Commerce cloud solutions offer dedicated teams to help you improve operational efficiency and scalability, and maintain high availability and security. A commerce cloud solution will help you cope with growing traffic during surge events and the solution can even adjust and scale horizontally to accommodate any increased traffic.

Now that you have a better understanding of why you should adopt a commerce cloud solution, you’re ready to gain an advantage over your competitors.

If you want to learn about why you should choose a commerce cloud solution, click the link below for more information.