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Ransomware Attacks

Can your organization confidently meet the threat?

Ransomware perpetrators are getting more sophisticated, increasingly targeting organizations with larger extortion demands and highly disruptive attacks that can bring IT and operational systems to a halt.

Many organizations have discovered that they lack a resilient defense to maintain control when ransomware strikes.

Ransomware actors are getting more skilled, and their attacks are getting more complex, more creative, and certainly more targeted toward the enterprise,” says Alex Restrepo, Solutions Marketing with Veritas.

Because private companies aren’t always legally required to disclose ransomware incidents, the impact of attacks on these businesses is difficult to quantify in terms of cost and prevalence.

Losses from Ransomware on The Rise

In an alert issued last October, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) warned, “Since early 2018, the incidence of broad, indiscriminate ransomware campaigns has sharply declined, but the losses from ransomware attacks have increased significantly, according to complaints received by IC3 and FBI case information.”

In a report released last August looking at the evolution of ransomware, security firm Malwarebytes noted, “This once dangerous-but-recently-dormant threat has come back to life in a big way, switching from mass consumer campaigns to highly-targeted, artisanal attacks on businesses.”

Developing a Sound Strategy to Protect, Detect, And Recover Data

Many organizations have invested in frontline security solutions aimed at preventing ransomware assaults. But with constant changes and updates to system configurations and user access, it’s virtually impossible to maintain an impenetrable barrier guaranteed to keep out 100% of assaults.

Criminals have shown they are persistent, constantly probing defenses to identify system weaknesses, and they’ve proven adept at finding and encrypting any data that can be accessed, including network-accessible backup files.

Veritas advises the adoption of a three-tiered strategy:

  1. Proactively protect data
  2. Maintain awareness of data and infrastructure
  3. Guarantee swift, effective recovery


The Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform provides a comprehensive set of technologies supporting IT system protection, the detection of anomalous system activity, and certain, strategic recovery in the face of an attack.

For more information on how to maintain control over the enterprise when ransomware strikes, go to www.onlinewhitepapers.com.