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The holiday season is a mixed bag for the quick-serve sector. On the one hand, people are stopping in for a quick bite to refuel between their holiday shopping. On the other hand, people are spending more time cooking at home with their families and less time dining out.

Either way, it’s a time of year when quick-serve competitors are wrestling for the attention of consumers who may have other spending priorities in mind.

They ask the vital questions:

  • What if you could turn the potential holiday season slowdown into a speed-up?
  • What if the holiday season is the perfect time to test and learn, to build a bulletproof strategy that can be deployed at any time of the year, busy or not?
  • What if now’s the time to increase in-store footfall by optimizing your digital marketing – just as the high streets are filling up?
  • What if this is the vital moment to edge ahead of the competition?

We think it’s the perfect time for all of those things. So, to start you off on the right foot, we’ve got some data, insights, and action points to share. Read on to see what we’ve learned, and feel free to steal the best bits for yourself!

What’s going to Resonate with your Audience?

Let’s talk about what the most successful brands have been saying to their customers during peak season. How can we pierce through the marketing mayhem of the holiday season and pinpoint what messages will break through a crowded inbox?

Fortunately, Phrasee’s team of language specialists has analyzed hundreds of thousands of email subject lines to determine the most successful marketing language during peak season.

How you can say it better

We’ve covered the language and marketing strategies currently resonating with customers – now let’s put them into practice. Here are the tactical wins that can help your brand say it better.

  • Always be testing
  • Lean into loyalty
  • Optimize your triggered messages
  • Get a direct link
  • Prepare for change

In Conclusion

Remember, the holiday season isn’t always the busiest time of year for the quick-serve sector, which makes it the perfect time to experiment. Test early and often, gather your data, get some quick wins, and prepare to crush it in 2022.