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Protecting Your Network from Malware

One of the most crippling things to a business network is Malware. Once infested, Malware can wreak havoc on a network and all its’ users as sensitive and important data could be compromised.

Data breaches have happened more than you think, with slightly over half of companies having a global data breach. The game has changed against Malware and the game changer is ZTI or Zero Trust Implementation.

What ZTI brings to the table is a complete lockdown on all incoming data. This means that every single webpage, email, and attachment are suspect in a ZTI environment. Long gone are the days of perimeter defense and “trust, but verify” as cyber-criminals keep changing their methods. Think of it in terms of a thief looking to get inside of a locked door, except this thief has an endless array of “picks” at his disposal to see which one will successfully defeat the lock.

When the possibility of data breaches and the loss of sensitive information looms, a ZTI environment is the face of a changing landscape of network security in today’s business. Implementing Zero Trust should be your top priority to keep your employees and customers safe.