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Protecting Data and Applications
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For almost every business across multiple industries, the collection, analyzation, storage, and security of data is crucially important. Without data, customer strategies for engagement and the company bottom line suffers.

Cloud services typically handle data and application security. But all cloud services are not the same. Finding one that is secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective will help to ensure access to data from anywhere you are in the world, from any device, at any time.

A solid cloud service will ensure that:

#1 Data is secure.

Encryption and decryption ensure data remains secure in the cloud through a Java library key.

#2 Data integrity is preserved.

MDs checksum and HTTP response code are used to validate data and ensure reliable storage.

#3 Access is authenticated.

All requests for access are validated through an authentication token which contains a valid username and password and goes inactive after 30 minutes.

#4 Backups are efficient.

Large files are uploaded in segments and then optimized for storage space and backups are taken accordingly.