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Preparing for the Future of Disaster Recovery and BCP

One of the biggest events that can make the most hardened business owner sweat bullets is the mere thought of a disaster wiping out everything. Universal Music Group experienced this very thing in 2008 with the NBC Universal backlot fire. This fire destroyed many decades worth of master tapes and with it went entire works of artists such as Sheryl Crow and Buddy Holly. Allegedly, they kept many backups of the tapes in the same warehouse as the originals, a cardinal sin in the archiving business.

This doesn’t have to happen to enterprises who have a rock solid disaster recovery plan put into place. There are companies out there today who implement the power of the cloud and harness that power as a working partner within their own local-based frameworks. Cloud-based services and Hybrid-based services can come out the heroes in the unfortunate situation of a disaster wiping out all of your precious data.

Enterprises should consult with a reliable company that harnesses the cloud and can tap the cloud to make relevant data backups that can be accessed in a recovery situation.