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Overcoming Barriers to Understanding the Customer Journey
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When it comes to understanding the customer journey, most companies run into several barriers. This type of work requires cross-departmental collaboration and analytical thinking to make delivery of the customer’s expectations much easier.

A recent survey found that nearly 85% of marketing executives feel developing more engaging and long-lasting experiences for their customers is their number one priority.

Nearly the same percentage of customers feel that the average brand does not understand what they need in order to provide it on a consistent basis.

So what are some of the barriers to understanding the customer journey?

#1 Forms, offers and content aren’t working effectively.

The solution is to employ a combination of tactics to encourage contacts to share data including making sure the offer is strong, periodic content audits are conducted, and a balance is established between free content and subscribed content.

#2 Buyer persona research is either nonexistent or rooted in guesswork.

The solution is to invest the time and resources to develop interview-led, data-driven personas which means analyzing, consolidating, and organizing data so you can design customer journeys based on research rather than opinion.

#3 Looking at mobile in the wrong ways.

The solution is to think beyond devices and consider mobile channels and context including creating shortcuts, filling messaging gaps, and fixing places where contacts are stalled.