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How Oracle Management Cloud Transforms Businesses

Cloud transformation offers new possibilities but also poses new challenges for many businesses. Employees are increasingly using personal devices to connect with colleagues from remote locations and to access customer and company data. This disappearance of network perimeters has given businesses less insight into who is doing what, where they are doing it, and when it happens.

This lack of insight for businesses is where Oracle Management Cloud comes into play. Not only is the cloud less expensive to maintain and updates faster than on-premise technology, it allows companies to gain real-time insights that they desperately need. Oracle Management Cloud provides companies with analytics, which are stored in log files. The company then uses these logs to gain powerful insights.

Manual processes and on-premise technologies are not only expensive and slow to update, they lack the agility and control a business needs to be successful. The cloud is not only cutting IT costs and reducing the risk of application downtime, it is embedding machine learning to cut troubleshooting times. Oracle Management Cloud is changing the way companies conduct business and this whitepaper outlines the powerful benefits the software offers.