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Optimizing the Deployment of an Analytics-Ready Infrastructure

Statistics show that the analytics workload will increase substantially in the next 3 years. Are you prepared for that? Do you have an analytics-ready infrastructure? If you are using legacy infrastructure or IT strategies, you are not ready! These infrastructure strategies can’t handle the workload that is coming your way. Would you like to know what can?

There are some organizations currently working on new strategies to work with the upcoming analytics. Data is moving forward, and you need to keep up. There are many platforms that are capable of handling the workload, the best one being Microsoft’s SQL. Microsoft has implemented new features including enhanced data encryption, mobile business intelligence, and others. There are many components that are necessary to move along with analytics.

When installing this new software, it is important that you install it on a new server rather than an old one that you already have. You will save time and money with a new server and the software will run more efficiently. An upgrade will help your business, your employees, your bank account, and it will make your clients happy. Through these enhancements, you will be able to improve customer experience. Analytics helps you to differentiate between your high value and low-value customers, so you can focus on improving relations. Dell also has a software, EMC 14G, that could be deployed to manage analytics. You could also use this along with Microsoft’s SQL.

Optimizing the deployment of an analytics-ready infrastructure is essential to keeping up with the fast pace of technological advances and analytic workloads. So much is on its way that you need to know. This whitepaper has all the information to properly prepare you and your business for the increased analytics workload coming in the next 3 years.