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Optimizing Productivity with Windows 10

There is nothing worse in an office environment than running that office with old PC’s. The time and the expense of updates and the repairs that inevitably happen with older PC’s all add up.

Older PC’s become slower and less responsive over time and at some point, they have a shelf life. The longest running Windows OS was Windows XP and every office had XP for many years. Even XP eventually had a shelf life and the older PC’s that were barely running XP couldn’t make the jump to Windows 7.

New PC’s are out now which run the latest Windows OS, Windows 10 and the upside is palpable. The multitasking is better, the data analysis is faster, and there’s a better overall performance in a new PC. The power consumption is much less as well which saves money on the electricity bill every month.

The choice is clear that switching to a new PC is better overall in the long run. Less repairs, less work for the IT department, lower power bills, faster computers, and better performance in all metrics.