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Optimizing Intelligent Automation Across the Enterprise
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Hi! My name is Justin.

As an IT professional, I understand that by optimizing intelligent automation across your entire organization will not only accelerate your business value but will prepare your business for the next generation of enterprise automation solutions.

Since automation is defined as “any method that eliminates or reduces manual work,” optimizing intelligent automation across your entire enterprise is the best way to improve operations. So, what steps can your organization take to optimize intelligent automation across the entire enterprise? Beyond automating rules-based tasks with RPA, Intelligent Automation enables the end-to-end automation of more complex processes like:

Document and Data Processing

It’s estimated that only 13% of companies have fully automated the interpretation of unstructured content. By implementing automation like integrated intelligent optical character recognition at your organization, you can create a complete workflow for automating document-heavy processes such as invoices, contracts, and sales and purchase orders.

Automating Tasks into an End-to-End Sequence 

At many organizations, natural language processing has been applied to save sales teams up to 60 hours of manual labor on individual rules-based tasks. While this type of automation still requires human interventions every now and then, it still saves companies valuable time that could be spent accomplishing other business goals.

Judgment and Decision Making

Artificial intelligence tools like natural language processing and machine learning can enable robots to make many decisions including judgment. By optimizing intelligent automation across your entire enterprise, you can process free text in real-time and apply machine learning algorithms to make a judgment that directs the robot on a particular course of action.

Optimizing intelligent automation across your enterprise is essential because not only does intelligent automation identify and automate operations work, it also helps your organization find a healthy balance between machines and humans.

If you want to learn more about optimizing intelligent automation across the enterprise, click the link below for more information.