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How to Optimize Your App in the App Store
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Today, the app market is highly competitive and is flooded with over 2 million iOS apps and more than 2.5 million apps in the Google play store. Being an app marketer is not an easy job. To stay ahead of the competition, you must make your product both visible and unique.

A strategic approach to ensure long-term visibility of your app to audiences is through app store optimization. Commonly known as ASO, app store optimization is an ongoing process of testing the app store marketing assets with the objective of improving visibility and driving more downloads.

ASO is very strategic in nature unlike the perceived notion of being research-oriented along with creativity.

There are four important ways an organization can enhance app visibility:

#1 With so many apps in the market, it is very crucial to select the right set of keywords to increase the possibility of more downloads. Further, it is important for these keywords to be dynamic and fluid, instead of placed in a vacuum and static.

#2 Every marketer has to choose the right category that matches with the app and the line of business that the app is related to.

#3 Since the market is cluttered, it is imperative for companies to keep an eye on who the nearest competitor is and what they are doing with their product line.

#4 Allow users to submit reviews and feedback on the app so necessary actions can be taken toward improvement. This feedback can help companies to immediately identify if there is a bug and resolve it.

With thousands of apps vying for attention in each app store, it is critical to ensure you are investing in app store optimization.