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Non-Clinical Healthcare Programs with One-on-One Support Addresses Social Determinants

Healthcare has changed and evolved over the years and technology has played a large part in those changes. One of the most overlooked and difficult parts of the medical industry is the aftercare of the patient. There are many facets to aftercare that result in patient success and no readmission afterward.

There are companies that are focused on improved customer aftercare and improved patient engagement. Companies that have different programs that target different patients with the goal of the best outcome possible with patient out care. Patient support and care coordination should work in conjunction with each other to strengthen patient engagement and interaction and lower patient readmission.

 There is a lot of work involved in patient aftercare when a patient is discharged from the hospital. Patients need to be checked upon to make sure that everything is going well on their end. Patients also need to be contacted to set up future appointments and to make sure that their medications are correct, prescriptions filled, and having any post-discharge queries answered. This improves the patient’s overall experience and provides stellar aftercare to the patient to have the best possible outcome post-discharge.

Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IHD) has been providing all of these hallmarks since 2012. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada; IHD provides post-hospitalization care coordination in over 30 states and 750,000 patients. If you represent a healthcare provider in need of eliminating social determinants of health, contact Innovative Healthcare Delivery today and find out how they can help provide the best care for your patients.