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The Next Steps in the Digital Revolution

The world has seen many revolutions since its creation. Right now, we are undergoing another massive revolution that is called the digital revolution. This revolution is likely one of the most widespread and designed to have the most impact.

This revolution has seen various phases already, from the advent of e-commerce platforms to the emergence of AI. As we are almost knee-deep in the digital revolution, the next phase is the Mobile Cloud Enterprise.

Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Enterprise (OMCe) is a new platform for building engaging experiences across all digital channels.

It enables companies to meet users where they are – online. This is done through the use of ChatBots. Simply put, a chatbot is a computer program that simulates conversations with human users, especially over the internet. This helps address customer queries and grievances immediately, giving them a sense of empowerment.

Another function of Oracle’s OMCe is its ability to build apps in record time. The Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX) is a highly visual, rapid mobile app development tool that allows users to quickly assemble mobile apps and continuously iterate on their designs.

As the industry evolves, so should you. This whitepaper will help you to discover and take the next steps to stay ahead of the curve in the digital revolution.