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Networking and Security In a Hyper Connected World

About this whitepaper…

Digital transformation, or DX, is the transformation that the processes and activities of businesses and other organizations undergo to make use of digital technology and its powerful impact on society as they aim to integrate digital technology into all aspects of their business. Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way companies work in many different ways, from customer interaction, to delivering services, to consumption of content.

One of the aspects in business that digital transformation is affecting in a great way is networking and cyber security (also known as computer security or IT security). This whitepaper addresses how IT requirements are changing with digital technology, optimizing your network, and taking a modern approach to security in the age of digital transformation.

Who should download…

This white paper addresses the pressure that IT teams are under to increase agility, speed up service delivery, maintain consistency in networking, and secure applications across systems while dealing with the problems and challenges of inconsistent networking, manual management of networks, complicated traditional security approaches, and flexibility needed to react to the unknown innovative technological shifts that could happen at any time in this digital landscape.

It offers the virtualization of network services alongside automation that simplifies networking and security, increases agility, reduces human error, and lowers cost, as well as a modern approach to security that leverages virtualization, uses software, and connects applications. IT executives that are looking to better their business by virtualizing their network, improve security, and automate these tasks should read this whitepaper.

Why you should download…

In the era of digital transformation, traditional approaches to networking and security are holding businesses back. The virtualization of networks will help you to simplify processes, automate tasks, increase security, and move your business forward.