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What You Need To Know About Efficient Security Response
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Did you know that according to Symantec, “In 2015, the total number of identities exposed via data breaches increased 23%, to 429 million?”

Did you know that according to an ESG report, companies reported that “Coordinating incident response across the organization is the biggest challenge for most enterprises?”

Unfortunately, data breaches are far from being a thing of the past. Today, modern enterprises are constantly facing the threat of security disruptions. Detecting a breach can take months and before a response is ready, valuable data can be stolen, and worse, never recovered.

Why does this keep happening? IT professionals and security managers point to one main reason:

The disconnect between IT tools and security functions.

If you’re looking for the right solution to your company’s security, you may want to consider the following:

#1 Does it rely on a single source of truth across security and IT?

#2 Does it prioritize all security incidents and vulnerabilities?

#3 Does it automate basic security tasks?

#4 Does it ensure your security runbook is followed?

#5 Does it quickly identify authorized approvers and subject matter experts?

#6 Does it collect detailed metrics to track SLAs, drive post-incident reviews, and enable process improvements?

#7 Does it integrate with the configuration management database (CMDB)?