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Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey
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Technology is evolving, and so is the process of making a sale. Most sales organizations and executives are adopting technology that is aimed at driving customer engagement.

Where most companies are on their journey to digital transformation varies, depending on their views and behaviours about technology adoption.

Strivers and Drivers, however, are organizations that use technology as a primary component to human relationships building, complementing the journey toward customer engagement. Innovative sales teams are also using data analysis and prescriptive insights to create customized customer experiences.

With that in mind, sales organizations can be segregated into 4 stages:

#1. Sceptics … These are the organizations that have yet to begin a digital transformation journey and are just starting to embrace technological tools.

Sales leaders at this stage are hesitant to increase the adoption of technology due to their bias towards cultural approaches to sales. At this stage, the belief is that technology cannot meaningfully enhance traditional customer engagement.

#2. Followers … These include those organizations that have started to see the benefits of moving beyond introductory tools and adopting technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools to increase productivity and reimagine the capabilities of their sales teams.

While sales leaders at this stage believe in productivity tools to help their teams close deals, they hesitate to adopt additional technologies, often out of frustration with change.

#3. Strivers … This is where organizations begin to see a cultural shift in the way they view and approach technology, with sales leaders prioritizing digital transformation as an organization-wide initiative that garners support from the top down.

Organizations that reach this point in their digital transformation journey are committed to evolving their customer engagement capabilities.

#4. Drivers … Drivers of digital transformation are evolving the art of customer engagement, using technology to complement what they are already doing to effectively engage customers and drive sales.

Drivers are the ones who use the most advanced tools and are always keeping an eye out for newer technology.

Digital transformation of your sales organization is a journey worth going on. Such a process must become part of your organization’s culture and requires commitment to development and learning.

Since you now have the power to influence change, click the link below to find out how to engage customers and drive sales through digital transformation.