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Do you know that the most recent bi-annual survey from CNCF identified monitoring as one of the top challenges for organizations adopting Kubernetes? This whitepaper offers several meaningful insights into ways we can effectively monitor Kubernetes clusters as well as microservices deployed on Kubernetes to identify issues with performance and reduce mean time-to-resolution (MTTR).

Managing issues around performance are critical to ensuring the user experience is smooth, helpful, and ultimately flawless. Many organizations require a process and best practices documentation around creating Kubernetes clusters. In addition, these processes can help to ensure solid performance across various platforms and an entire tech stack.

There are three foundational pillars of the Kubernetes deployment philosophy: infrastructure abstraction, declarative configuration, and immutability. This whitepaper by Splunk elaborates on the Kubernetes components as well as key Kubernetes constructs, elements, and objectives. Some of the most common monitoring challenges you should look out for happen in Kubernetes environments.

Ready to understand how we can accelerate Kubernetes adoption in your organization? Take the first step by downloading this whitepaper by Splunk to learn more.