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Modern Storage Accelerates Data Insights and Speeding Innovation

Big Data technology has seen some milestones in its long and rich history. Hard Disk Drives came along in the 1950s and changed the game for Data Analytics. This proved serviceable for 50 years until the advent of Solid State Drives. This made things much faster and quieter and less energy to use, but what about parallel processing such as AI workloads? AI technologies utilize many Terabytes of data with future outlooks going into the Petabyte category.

Thus, the Flash Memory vehicle was born and with it comes fewer problems and more efficient data solutions. Memory can be accessed instantly without a platter spinning around and accessing data in the old way. The HDD way is archaic and inconceivable to deal with the amounts of data that Big Data sees this day and age. The noise of the numerous fans dealing with all the heat being dissipated from the numerous HDD’s being utilized in the Data rack will be a thing of the past.

Utilizing a data company that deals in Flash-based technologies to house your Big Data needs is the best way to future-proof your data. Your data will be accessible at all times and there will be virtually no slow-down or data outages due to HDD failure or HDD platter failure. With the astronomical amounts of data being used these days, having a flash-based data solution is the most efficient solution and can handle those amounts of data, admirably.