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IT management with windows 10
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Hi! My name is Austin and I’m an IT professional.

As the nature of work continues to become more mobile, digital, and user-centric, IT professionals, like myself, must adapt to changing user needs. This not only requires a different approach then we’re used to but also means we need to make the most of cloud technology if we want to reduce management overheads, maximize efficiency, and keep services up to date. While this may seem like a difficult task to accomplish, with Windows 10, modern IT management has never been simpler.

One of the biggest challenges for organizations when it comes to deploying a new version of Windows is compatibility testing. With Windows 10 though, you can begin planning your deployment early and learn how to make the most of modern management approaches.

Staying Up To Date
Windows 10 is a great way for your IT teams to stay up to date because they’ll always know that devices are secure and have the latest features with less manual management. Windows 10 also offers cumulative updates which make patching simpler and ensure devices are fully updated at all times.

As more and more companies allow their employees to bring their own devices to work, traditional desktop management approaches can get in the way of your organizational goals. With Windows 10 though, your IT teams can provide users with single sign-on simplicity to reduce the amount of time they spend dealing with password resets and addressing management issues.

Applications and Development
It’s imperative that your organization implement the right development strategy to make the most of existing skills while transitioning to modern development capabilities. Moving to a modern OS with modern applications enables your IT teams to be more agile while accelerating development and innovation.

Traditional security management can no longer stand up to today’s threat landscape. With Windows 10 security capabilities and intelligent security though, your IT teams will be able to stay informed about what’s going on with the device ecosystem, enabling them to analyze root causes and ensure protection for users.

As the modern IT management landscape continues to evolve, it’s essential that your organization implement tools that will help your IT teams stay up to date with all modern IT issues.

If you want to learn more about modern IT management with Windows 10, click on download for more information.