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Modern Enterprise Security Challenges and One Solution

There may be many modern security challenges enterprises face, but there is a clear solution that addresses all these challenges. One of these challenges is insecure collaboration. It is estimated that 58% of senior managers have sent sensitive data to the wrong person, which could cause serious issues. Another security challenge is content proliferation. It is estimated that 57 file sharing services are used on average in a single company. This is way too many services, especially when all the benefits of these services could be combined into one, easy to use solution.

Other security challenges enterprises face includes insecure devices and even human nature. With an estimated 44% of organizations suffering from laptop theft and 62% of security breaches the result of human error, it can be difficult for enterprises to know the best way to solve these security issues.

Luckily, though, BOX has a solution that can address these issue, plus so many more. Can you guarantee that your company is well equipped with the proper tool to defend against all security challenges? Learn how your company can overcome their security issues with just one solution. Download this informative whitepaper and see how BOX can solve all your security challenges..