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Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 23

Internet security is an ever-changing facet of the world wide web with news of more attacks happening every year. The three big trends in attacks lately have been Botnets, Ransomware, and Easy Marks (Phishing). Endpoint threats and Cloud threats are also picking up steam in recent years. With so many types of threats being launched, having a competent and vigilant IT department is priceless in the game of internet security.

Botnets are a network of infected computers that try to communicate with command-and-control servers. These botnets are used for spam, DDoS attacks on websites, malware, click fraud, and much more. IT security departments are turning to advanced machine learning models to help catch these threats before they penetrate the perimeter.

Hackers are also using applications to gain access to sensitive data and compromising accounts. The hackers achieve this through phishing emails and other ways to trick users into giving them information such as SSN’s and Driver’s License numbers. Hackers also combine these efforts with botnets and phishing to install ransomware, which hijacks your computer and makes it inoperable. The hackers tell you that they can make your computer operable for a price (usually hundreds of dollars) holding your equipment for ransom. Making users aware of these tactics is the best way to stop these hackers in their tracks.