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What to Make of Intelligent Bots
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What do you do when you want to check the weather in your city or a city to which you are traveling?

You most likely go on the internet and search for the latest weather report. This sounds like an old-fashioned way of looking for something as simple as the weather.

And it is. Today, such checking and reporting functions have completely changed.

Smartphones have transformed the way in which we look for and find information.

If you are an iPhone user, you would most likely simply tell Siri to give you a weather update by voice and she will respond to you with accurate information, giving you options from the internet.

Want to send an email or text message? Tell Siri or Google Assistant or Cortana or any other personal voice assistant tool to do it for you. And in a matter of minutes, even seconds, your messages are developed and sent.

Indeed, we are talking about an entirely new concept built into a system called Chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that are designed with built-in artificial intelligence functions. Their purpose is to simulate conversations with human users.

Why do we have and even need Chatbots?

Today, we are moving toward a condition called app fatigue in which users are tired of constant app downloads and usage. Chatbots ease the task of users looking for information and perform tasks that usually consume a large amount of time and take up major efforts from a user’s point of view.

So, what is behind a chatbot? A chatbot is comprised of four key components:

#1 Artificial Intelligence

#2 Dialog flow execution mechanism

#3 Channel Configurator

#4 Custom Components to create a humanized dialog flow

There are many players who have different variations of chatbots for a wide range of purposes. Machine learning applications have opened a world of opportunities and possibilities by systems based on neural networks.

With intelligent bots in play, an integrated and multichannel solution, as well as enterprise integration and insights, can give your company the ability to personalize customer experiences and learn and build relationships that last.

If you want an in-depth guide to understanding intelligent bots, click the link below for more information.