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Looking for a Fiber Internet Provider 3 Items to Consider

After a slow rollout a few years back, Fiber internet is starting to stake its claim to the internet providing throne. Fiber internet brings higher speeds with true duplex service with uploads being as fast as downloads. Traditionally with cable internet services, downloads were much faster than uploads. What should you look for in a fiber internet provider?

There are three points to consider when shopping around for a good fiber internet provider. The first item is dedicated connectivity which enables a user to have full bandwidth available. The lack of dedicated connectivity has plagued the cable internet community for years with speeds lacking compared to what ISP’s have advertised.

The second item is competitive pricing which should be uniform all across the board including different locations. This keeps both ISP and customer honest as there are no hidden charges or fees. The last item is overall value, you should look for a Fiber ISP who can provide great value in all metrics.