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Leading from the Cloud

The cloud is one of the most sought after services among IT professionals as many companies are moving enormous chunks of data online. However, contrary to popular belief, the cloud is not just for the purposes of storage. Cloud platforms provide many services, such as quick and easy assortment, alignment, and filtering of data and automated report creation.

The cloud is no longer just a tool for business efficiency. It provides the speed and accuracy required to compete in the digital economy. Chief Digital Officers have, until now, only debated about choosing between Public, Private or Hybrid clouds. Today, the choice of cloud platforms is also heavily dependent on the quality and kind of associated services that the platforms have to offer.

In an ideal world, the Private and Public Cloud would be consistent in almost every aspect with IT and line of business personnel collaborating to decide the right mix of cloud resources without needing to make massive changes between the two. This whitepaper will help you to learn to use the cloud to leverage productivity.