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The Benefits of AI-Powered Full Stack Monitoring

A contact center, also referred to as an e-contact center or a customer interaction center, is a centralized office related to customer relationship and interaction management offering omnichannel support for the handling of customer communications, service, data, and contacts through phone, letters, faxes, online chat, email, social media, voice over IP (VoIP), instant messaging, and direct website support. Employee training refers to the programs that are used to help employees expand their knowledge and learn new skills to help them complete their tasks.

Employee training helps workers learn about how to use technology and equipment, ensures health and safety among employees, results in greater employee productivity and business profitability, helps companies comply with regulations and laws, gives you a competitive edge in the market, and creates opportunities for both personal growth and career advancement among workers.

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI or machine intelligence, is the knowledge and intelligence displayed by machines, which depends on machine learning where computer systems are given data to act upon without being programmed or other human programming.

This whitepaper addresses the fact that the quality of customer service and customer experience (CX) performance is very low and then explains that the primary barrier to improving customer service is the lack of agent knowledge and deficiency of consistency. It points out how contact centers have been trying to find a solution with the training of employees, but notes that while this is important, it is not dealing with the problem of performance while the agent is on the line with the customer.

It also provides a solution to the problems in the way of modern knowledge management (KM) system, augmented by artificial intelligence, that can help both agents and customers to find the answers they need. Executives looking to improve their customer experience should read this whitepaper.

This best practices guide addresses the problem of bad customer support in contact centers and provides a solution to these problems through AI-augmented KM.