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What You Should Know About the Next Phase of Hyper converged Infrastructure

This technology takes the idea of amalgamating computing, storage, and networking which started with converged systems design, and has been improved by adding insightful levels of abstraction and automation.

Hyperconverged platforms have become accepted as a genuine alternative to traditional storage systems. They have proven to companies and service providers that storage does not have to be confined to proprietary external arrays.

A survey was conducted based on various aspects of the current storage system and expectations from hyper-converged infrastructure by a research and advisory company. Here are some insights from the survey:

The below factors are driving organizations toward the next generation HCI:

  • Data Growth is Outpacing Storage Budget Increases

    A whopping 7% of respondents expected a 100-200 percent increase in storage capacity, while 56.1% of respondents expected 25% more. Where data storage is concerned, more is always better.

  • Storage Pain Points

    With the ever-increasing amount of data, the management of storage has become an acute pain point for organizations. Meeting disaster-recovery requirements and meeting backup windows were both listed as storage pain points.

  • HCI Pioneers Focused on Simplicity and Implementation Speed

    IT organisations often lack storage expertise and are not used to working with a specific storage supplier. For these kinds of customers, HCI’s ability to deliver key storage functions, such as snapshots/cloning, replication, and flash acceleration, without the need for storage expertise has been a game changer.

For the guaranteed success of HCI’s, the system has to be agile, efficient and adaptable. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before HCI becomes dominant.

  • Efficiency in terms of storage, performance, and network must be achieved.
  • Agility would include common management and orchestration, as well as being able to scale out architectures.
  • The system should be able to integrate with application programming interfaces, secure sensitive data, and assimilate new technologies rapidly.

Customer Expectations Are Changing; Your Infrastructure Must Evolve

If the above factors related to improving efficiency are taken into consideration and worked upon, an upgraded HCI can help companies with certain deliverables, such as meeting performance and uptime service-level agreements, provisioning acceleration, gaining faster insights, and meeting customer experience.