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Is the Primary Flash Market Evolving to Next Gen Architectures

The world of storage and enterprise-use has always been inter-connected for as long as there has been an IT industry. Technology has changed over the years, so has the storage/enterprise relationship. Are we on the cusp of another change in the industry? Yes, and that change has been the advent of the flash storage medium.

Flash storage isn’t exactly new, it’s been around for the last decade but due to the astronomical prices at launch, adoption was very slow in the early years. The adoption crept along in the late 2000s and 2010s with manufacturers offering hybrid drives to ease customers into the idea of using flash storage. With the prices now being very affordable, many enterprises are switching to an all-flash medium. To get the best out of the medium, IT departments have been pairing up with using cloud-based flash-storage for the best of both worlds.

With its low-latency, low-power consumption and better reliability (no platters involved for possible failures) an all-flash architecture is here to stay and will be the super-highway that IT departments will use from now on.